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Because each brand is unique, our experienced team will assist you to elaborate a clear and proficient growth strategy and action plan to boost sales and revenues, fitting your needs and understanding your obstacles.



Consumers like to receive their orders quickly. 


If you wish to offer your items in new regions, you will have to set up a logistics solution. Otherwise, it will not be cost and time efficient. It could also generate late orders, cancellations, or refunds.


Fortunately, we provide supply chain and logistics solutions to help you to store, manage and ship your orders in Asia-Pacific and Europe (on consignment).

We cover the following areas of expertise:

Warehousing, pick & pack, inventory management, order management, replenishment monitoring, returns & exchanges, freight services, drop shipping services, disputes management, etc.


On your behalf, we explore new sales opportunities, thanks to our strong distribution network, online but also offline.

We approach distributors by negotiating terms & conditions and prices, setting up your account, creating your listings, managing the day to day activities and relationship with the distributors. In other words, we do everything to let you sell more, without recruiting new staff, nor wasting time, money and energy.

We cover the following areas of expertise:

Commercial prospection, account management, negotiation, product and listing management, pricing strategy, sales campaigns, onsite promotions, forecasts, stock monitoring, etc.


To facilitate your life, we collect all the payments from the distributors and manage the reconciliation for each payment. Then, we pay you twice a month based on the orders shipped and paid. 

Of course, we also take care of the cancellations, disputes and refunds on your behalf. So, you will not have to allocate resources for this task.

Moreover, we will manage the customer care (before and after sales) with the mission to minimize the refund rate and a focus on customer satisfaction.

We cover the following areas of expertise:

Payment collections, payment reconciliations, cancellations, exchanges and refunds management, disputes, customer care, reporting, product registration with legal authorities, etc.


On ecommerce platforms, the only thing that helps to sell your items on a large scale is the content (and the price, of course).


You can sell cheap or expensive products, but if you don’t have attractive and detailed descriptions and high-resolution images, your chances of success are unfortunately quite low.


We know how important marketing materials are. We can help you to improve your products attractivity with our team of graphic designers.


We cover the following areas of expertise:

Photo-shooting, branding, graphic design, social media campaigns (Instagram and Facebook), website development, adwords campaigns, media and digital marketing campaigns, translation services, etc.







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