The all-in-one
solution and services.

Warehousing & Fulfilment.

With climate-controlled facilities in Singapore, we offer the best conditions to pamper your items before they reach their new owners in Asia-Pacific, or further away.​

​We are located in the Free Trade Zone (FTZ). It means GST & TAX FREE.

Orders & Deliveries. 

​We ship all orders in no time, everywhere you ask, bulk or individuals, country or fully tracked. We just follow your guidelines and needs.

​We will also take care of your tracking numbers, share them with the users and make sure your orders arrive on time.

New clients at your fingertips.

​On your behalf, we prospect for new distributors, negotiate terms and prices, check your competitiveness, manage all the daily tasks and product listings, monitor the stock levels, help you to replenish, etc.

​In short, we take care of your growth, while you focus on your core activities and your business strategy.

We are 360 degrees.​

​Our competitors focus on one sales channel. At Sellia, we consider it a bad move. On the contrary, we believe you should be omnichannel, online and offline. A larger audience means incremental profits for your brand.

We sell with marketplaces, daily deals, flash sales, retailers, wholesalers, etc.

Product push.

​Listing your items everywhere is one thing. Generating sales is another. 


Our expert and professional team will list, push and promote your goods, so you can reach your sales targets, month after month.

Sales campaign.​

​Also, we will animate your sales through flash sales and commercial campaigns thanks to our strong distribution network across the APAC region (and Europe too). Animate your sales is essential to drive traffic and revenues. Customers love to get great deals!


When you sell overseas, you must pay attention to the currency rates, exchange fees, etc. It can be a nightmare. We want to make it easier to receive payments from overseas, not harder. ​So, we collect your payments, manage the cancellations and refunds. We wire your collected payments, twice a month.

Tools and customer support.​

We take care of the customers support. We answer their questions and make sure they are satisfied with their orders. We also provide you detailed reports to let you monitor the activity.

We want you to focus on your strategy and products creation. Leave the hard work to us.